Eucharistic Ministers Schedule

Eucharistic Ministers Schedule

February, March and April 2020

Feb. 1 Jim, Laurie
Feb. 2 Al (host), Doreen, Jan
Feb. 8 Lynda, Shelly
Feb. 9 Lea (host), Wayne, Manuel
Feb. 15 Jim, Laurie
Feb. 16 Terry (host), Jan, Judith
Feb. 22 Shelly, Patti H.
Feb. 23 Manuel (host), Al, Doreen
Feb. 26

(Ash Wednesday)

Jan (host), Manuel, Doreen
Feb. 29 Lynda, Shelly


March 1 Terry (host), Doreen, Al
March 7 Jim and Laurie
March 8 Wayne (host), Lea, Judith
March 14 Patti H. and Lynda
March 15 Manuel (host), Jan, Doreen
March 21 Laurie and Jim
March 22 Doreen (host), Al, Manuel
March 28 Lynda and Shelly
March 29 Jan (host), Judith, Patti D.


April 4

(Palm Sunday)

Shelly and Patti H.
April 5

(Palm Sunday)

Lea (host), Wayne, Terry
April 9

(Holy Thursday – 7:00 pm)

April 10

(Good Friday – 3:00 pm)

TBD (no wine – only need 1 EM)
April 11

(Easter Vigil – 8:00 pm)

April 12

(Easter Sunday)

Don (host), Pat K., Patti D.
April 18 Jim and Laurie
April 19 Manuel (host), Judith, Jan
April 25 Lynda and Shelly
April 26 Pat K. (host), Don, Doreen




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