Parish Fire Plan

As part of our annual Fire Review, we have been asked to draw all our parishioners and visitors attention to our Fire Plan and evacuation procedures.

  • In the event of a fire alarm, everyone in the building is asked to move carefully to the nearest fire exit door and to assemble on the grass on the far side of the car park (north end).
  • Please wait in the assembly area until the building has been checked to ensure everyone has been evacuated.
  • Please do not assemble at the front of the church as this area is needed for the fire trucks.
  • Our ushers and Parish Council members will assist in the evacuation process and will sweep the buildings to ensure everyone has left.

Evacuation maps are posted up around the church and hall – please take a moment to read and refresh your memory on the fire exits around the building, particularly if you have young children or may need extra time or help to make your way to an emergency exit. If you have any questions, please contact your Parish Council team.